Valentine's Day Bath Balms - Gift Basket Set for Girls

What can be more fun than a colorful bath that fizzles and gives you a surprise gift?

Check our basket with (3) different Bath Balms for Girls! Perfect as a gift set for many different occasions, just match it with our hand painted card that expresses what you would like to say. We also offer a gift basket set for boys with bath balms wrapped in blue and green tissue paper.

The bath balms have been handcrafted in Madison County, Mississippi by Musee. They are made with baking soda, citric acid, food grade coloring and a combination of natural and essential oils.

Check for details below as well as on the pictures:

  • "Happy Birthday" includes apricot oil, vanilla essential oil, and bath confetti. Inside the bath balm, there is a surprise candle (various colors).
  • "Celebrate Good Times" includes Natural Jojoba and Olive Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Milk Bath, and Sugar Crystals. Inside the bath balm, there is a surprise Multi-Colored Water-Activated Light.
  • "Tiny Dancer" includes Natural Sweet Almond Oil, Orange Essential Oil, and Fragrance. Inside the bath balm, there is a surprise Ballet Shoe Ring.

Our new gift basket is made of sea grass and measures 11" W, 7.75" D, 4" H. It will filled with a natural wood excelsior and wrapped with a satin ribbon. The box will be delivered in our complimentary burlap bag with satin bow.

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